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This week in Woodlands

Dear Woodlands Families

First week back and we’re off!

The Woodlanders wasted no time in getting back to play and work. Green Class are enjoying being pop-stars and creating their stage, show tickets and a tour bus.

Orange Class are exploring what they might like to be when they grow up. Teachers, artists and astronauts have been suggested so far.

The N2’s are exploring subtraction whilst the N1’s are learning about capacity by making cold coffee! They sadly weren’t willing to make a double shot decaf macchiato with oat milk though!

We have also been trying to see how many ways we can divide 10 by.

So all in all, a fun, busy, active and stimulating week in Woodlands, just as we like it.  You can see some lovely photos below:
Woodlands wk comm 6th June

Please can we remind you to check your Tapestry accounts as there is lots of information on there for the coming term.

Wishing you super, sunny weekends!

Best wishes


Shirley Hayman

Head of Woodlands Nursery


From the Junior Librarians


Fresh from Roald Dahl Funny Prize winning author Philip Ardagh, and coming on the back of ‘Bunnies on a Bus’, Bunnies on a Boat is a riot of colour and action. The rhyming text immediately creates pace and is wonderful to read aloud, while children will love to join in with the repetitive phrases. With so much to explore on every page, this is a hugely entertaining picture book.






Mrs Ford and Mrs Lott