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This week in Woodlands

Settled in to our rhythm

As we march onwards towards half term week, I am so happy to tell you that the Woodlanders have really settled down and into the routines, rhythms and ethos of Woodlands life at Beechwood.
They can tell you what’s happening each day using their visual timetables. We have a  daily visual timeline card ‘monitor’ in Orange Class who has the important job of updating the  timeline as the day progresses. I watched Sophia do this on Tuesday without adult help.
Green Class have been researching occupations this week. They were seen  ‘fighting a fire’ in the garden with their hoses this week. They were clearly proud of their efforts since there was much chat about this for the rest of the day.  Green Class went ‘retro’ in their music lesson with me this week; we went back to basics and acted out some of the old favourites from our traditional nursery rhymes book of music and lyrics. We had to bring the see saw indoors as well as build a tuffet. Tenny, Theo S, Hetty, Olivia and Ringo were mightily impressive as they formed their own choir to sing the questions from the nursery rhyme ‘1,2,345, Once I Caught a Fish Alive‘.
Orange Class have been learning more about dinosaurs this week. ‘Carnivore or herbivore?’ was the question we heard them asking each other as they named dinosaurs.
Reaching for the stars was almost literally the theme in PE this week. Please do check out the amazing photo below of Oscar M in the air!
Our beans have started to sprout in Orange Class as well this week and growing them in see through plastic bags has proven to be a wonderful way to allow the children to monitor the germination process.
As the Head joked with me after his Assembly in Woodlands on Tuesday, ‘So are the children getting on with their hundred activities organised for the rest of the day then?!’
Your children are truly settled into their  Woodlands rhythm of Nursery life here.  Their days are packed to the brim with new, active learning, play, language, counting, fun, listening and socialising and they are quite plainly and simply ‘getting on with it’, constantly marching through their days with eagerness, enthusiasm and energy.
We are so proud of this year’s cohort; they help make the learning and indeed teaching, exciting and stimulating.
Enjoy your half term and we look forward to  quickly getting back into the swing in a week’s time.
With my best wishes to you all,
Shirley Hayman
Head of Woodlands Nursery.

Woodlands Week 11 Feb 2022

World Book Day – Thursday 3 March

WORLD BOOK DAY is just around the corner, and we cannot wait!

Not only is this a day to celebrate books and reading but it is also a chance to have fun and dress up in our favourite book characters. If you are struggling and would like some ideas, have a look at the links below for some inspiration:

We can’t wait to see your outfits!

PLEASE fill in THIS FORM to confirm whether your child can participate in our fantastic book sale, and what their maximum spend is.
Please click HERE to read the letter with full details about the book sale.
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