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This week in Woodlands


The Woodlanders have been challenged this week to try some new experiences.

They made the most of the sunny weather on Wednesday and competed against each other in some tug of war games. They had to use all their strength and determination to tug at their respective ends of the big, thick rope to find out which team was the strongest in each round. You need to check out Tapestry if you haven’t seen the results yet! The teachers really enjoyed the game too, by the looks of things!

Both classes also learnt how to make their own fruit kebabs using long wooden skewers and chunks of fruit. Holding a long skewer and threading fruit onto it, is harder than it looks when you have little fingers! But the effort was worth it when they were allowed to devour the kebabs for snack.

We all know it is good to move outside our comfort zones sometimes and we think the Woodlanders were delighted to discover that they were able to pull and thread with such exciting results.

Woodlands Week 9 11 Mar 2022
Next week we have another new experience lined up for them; They will be learning how to hatch duck eggs and handle and care for the ducklings. Be sure to read next week’s newsletter!

Have a lovely weekend!

Shirley Hayman

Head of Woodlands Nursery

From the Junior Librarians

Following on from the excitement of World Book Day and the Woodlanders’ obvious enjoyment of their visit to the Junior Library “Bookshop’, each week from now on, our Junior Librarians Mrs Ford and Mrs Lott will make new book recommendations appropriate to your children’s ages.  Equally, if you have any books you have read with your child that you would like to recommend, please do let Shirley and the team know.

Mrs Ford and Mrs Lott.

A Duck called Brian by Al Murphy

Hilarious, engaging and quirky – A Duck called Brian is an immediate hit.

Faced with a bad day (Missing duck nuts, missing milk and a missing Gregory), Brian heads out to try to make things better. In his quest to find Gregory, he falls through a magic door and everything changes.

With added search-and-find on each page, readers can look beyond the text to enjoy even more of the story.

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The Woodlands Team