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This week in Woodlands

As I look around Woodlands and read through all the Tapestry entries every day, I am so excited to see just how much progress our Woodlanders make during their time with us.

They start at Woodlands when they are just approaching their 3rd birthdays. Some of them will just be beginning to speak in sentences, to drink from an open cup, to feed themselves and to learn to sit in a group and pay attention to an adult. I know that some of this term’s new ones have not been away from their families before they started with us in Woodlands. What a privilege it is to have them in Woodlands as their first place of significance outside of the family. Thank you.

The Woodlands staff team strive to get to know and understand every single Woodlander and as the months pass, your children settle in to the routines, feel more secure and safe and realise that Woodlands is a wonderful place to spend their time.

The current cohort of older Woodlanders only have about 8 weeks left. I watch them now and find it hard to remember that they were once our little, quiet and shy ones!

This week they have been standing in front of the class and explaining what makes an  animal their ‘favourite’ animal. They have been playing parachute games whilst chanting their phonic sounds. They have been reading numbers bigger than 20. They have been taking it in turns to count around their circle to 20. They have been trying to write sentences using their phonic knowledge and they have been creating their own scripts to then act out as a puppet show.  I have shared a few photos for you here

I feel that I need to clarify that all this is taught, learnt and practised in active and fun ways. Woodlands Nursery is a happy and fun early learning environment.if you

If you know of any local friends with toddlers who are looking for a nursery place, we do have an Open Day on Thursday 26th May, my team are always passionate to explain and show parents what we provide for children attending Woodlands and it would be a privilege to show your friends around too.

Which leads me to remind you to make sure the children’s GRANDPARENTS are prepared for a fun, semi-active visit next week.

On Monday morning Woodlands enjoyed a puppet show. Our pupils listened to the famous, and much loved fairy tale stories of the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Both stories were brought to life with an array of fantastic props and there was plenty of audience participation too. What a perfect way to start the week.







Enjoy the weekend and I look forward to continuing our stimulating and fun Woodlands programme with your fantastic children next week.

Shirley Hayman

Head of Woodlands Nursery

From the Junior Librarians

Yes You Can Cow is a hilarious twist on a familiar nursery rhyme package with a positive message. Cow is busy rehearsing for Hey Diddle Diddle but really does not believe that she can jump over the moon. She needs the support of all her fellow actors to overcome her fears and become the star of the show.


Mrs Ford and Mrs Lott