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This week in Woodlands

What a fantastic first half term the Woodlanders have enjoyed.  We all acknowledge that the beautiful autumnal weather has added a lot to their experiences. Our children have spent many playtime’s making potions with mud, water and conkers;  they have run at their top speeds across the sports field; they have ridden their bikes through chicanes learning to steer and control their speed, and they have rolled down their favourite hill with gay abandon.

But …. at Woodlands we strive to deliver a very wide early years experience; this week, I would like to share some ICT learning experiences your children have engaged in.
  • We have yellow and black, programmable bee-bots. These give the children an early taste of programming their toys to move in a way the children want them to, not to mention weaving into our French learning about ‘abeilles’;
  • We have the largest computer screen in our Snug and use lots of up to date games and programmes through which even our youngest pupils to learn;
  • As you know, iPads are everyday tools these days. One function our children really enjoy is the app which allows them to take photos and videos which can then  be uploaded to their Tapestry accounts. I am always impressed by their careful handling of the iPads.
  • We have a batch of rechargeable torches, an Alexa, a laminator and a photocopier  all of which our children are able to use,  sometimes independently.
Add all this to our wonderful collection of pre-loved phones, headphones, keyboards, microphones, CD players and cameras and you will understand why the Woodlanders are already tech-savvy.

Technology in Woodlands 14 October 2022

The Woodlands Team and I wish you a wonderful two week half term and, once we return, we have so much planned for your children to learn and enjoy, including Spider School, a focus on Diwali with Reception pupils, Christmas traditions, Special adult in da house event , Woodlands’ modern nativity show, a Christmas Party and cake and carols.
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Have a wonderful break, and see you 31 October
Shirley Hayman
Head of Woodlands Nursery

Spread the Word: Stay and Play on 10 November

If you know anyone looking for a Nursery place from January 2023 onwards, please do let them know about our Stay and Play event on Thursday 10 November from 0930-1030.

This is a fantastic opportunity for parents and pre-school age children (18+ months) to enjoy a morning of fun and adventure at Woodlands Nursery.

Children will take part in a variety of exciting activities, helping to give families a taste of life at Woodlands.   As well as experiencing all that Woodlands has to offer, families will also be able to visit our Reception classrooms in Beechwood’s Junior Department.  

Prospective families can register to attend this event by visiting our website 

Thank you for spreading the word for us!

From the Junior Librarians

Gecko and the Echo by Rachel Bright

Gecko and the Echo is Rachel Bright’s latest rhyming release and comes with her trademark subtle message, this time about the importance of treating everyone with kindness. 

The Gecko in question is Goldy and Goldy wants one thing, and one thing only to be a superstar. On the sunny island this gecko calls home, it’s always ‘the Goldy show’.

But when you’re dazzled by the limelight, it’s easy to lose sight of the world around you. And when Goldy’s performance starts to go wrong, the little gecko discovers that friendship means so much more than fame.