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This week in Woodlands

A Woodlands Week of CELEBRATION!

Our Woodlands Community has enjoyed a wonderful week over the last 5 days for which we are very grateful.

Your children were utter superstars during their Sports Day on Tuesday. I’m sure you have seen many photos already, but just in case you didn’t, please scroll through our wonderful shots from our marketing team here

Woodlands 2022 Sports Day

Wednesday was the day we found out that Woodlands has been awarded a TOP TWENTY AWARD in the East of England, for the 2nd year in a row by  More than this, we are in the top 5 nurseries in Hertfordshire.

On Friday we took to the water! With the desire to keep cool, our Woodlanders put on their swimsuits and sprayed, squirted, tipped, poured, splashed, stepped in and drank water. The hot afternoon temperatures drew us into our air conditioned snug for a film, fruit cocktails and popcorn.

2022 Woodlands Water fun

When you add in making Father’s Day cards, preparing our art work for the Moving Up Assembly plus all the usual hour to hour activities, challenges and experiences, I think it is fair to say that Woodlands Nursery is a nurturing, engaging and inspiring environment in which to grow up.

Enjoy your weekend.

Best wishes

Shirley Hayman

Head of Nursery


From the Junior Librarians

The Knight With the Blazing Bottom by Beach

The second book in the fabulously funny A Very Fiery Fairy Tale series. Sir Wayne and Dragon are back and on yet another adventure to get Dragon’s flame round the right way. Luckily Sir Wayne has an idea, if they do everything the wrong way around, then it will all swap back. But deploying this plan to everything, including swapping how they dress, seems a little extreme – for some reason the plan goes a little wrong, with hilarious consequences. 

Brightly illustrated with wonderful rhyme this book has the characteristics to become a firm favourite.






Mrs Ford and Mrs Lott