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This Week in Woodlands

We have all  made it through another exciting week, despite the sickness, coughs and colds. Well done us!! Your children have once again impressed us and thrown themselves whole heartedly into their play and learning.

On Monday, we read the story ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung. The story explores colours living together in harmony until they realise they are different. Eventually they begin to mix again and realise their differences are actually exciting and when they ‘mix’ they can make new colours and personalities.

We then celebrated all of our “differences” by playing a game. We asked the children some questions; Do you prefer to be loud or quiet? Do you prefer to be inside or outside? Do you like dressing up or wearing your own clothes? They were given a coloured strip of paper, depending on their choice each time.

At the end of the game we looked at all of our mix of colours to see how we can be the same, and different. We finished by joining the coloured strips together to show that we can all mix together happily at Woodlands.


Across this week especially, it has become more evident that the children’s independent writing skills and drawings are progressing well. The children’s drawings are reflecting their wonderful imaginations and they are are using detail and colours for a purpose whilst they draw.

Their pencil control has developed to such an extent that in some cases, children are able to form letters and numerals independently and we are now encouraging them to attempt independent writing of both their names and words.

Visiting the Art Department

To coincide with our focus on being an artist, we took Orange Class on a visit to the Beechwood Art Department. This was very exciting for the Woodlanders. We met Mrs Kelway-Bamber, Beechwood’s Head of Art, and quite a few Top Formers who are making a natural scene using only recycled man-made materials. The children were also thrilled to meet Bruce,  the School’s well-being dog – who is so gentle and well-behaved.

The children saw how the older children can use glue guns by themselves as well as the pottery wheel downstairs, in the Pottery Cellar. They found the cellar absolutely fascinating.

Thank you Mrs Kelway-Bamber for allowing us to visit and being so welcoming to your artists of the future!

Iver’s Homemade Book – The ABC of Monster Trucks.

Our Woodlanders are really taken by the Monster Trucks craze. So much so that we even had a topic week where we learnt our Maths through exploring the Monster Trucks! Iver and his family have developed this learning by creating a book where they have found a monster truck for every letter of the alphabet! Iver allowed us to read his book at nursery. The children and the teachers loved it. An author of the future. Thank you Heideman publishing company!

As we move towards the end of the Lent Term, the teachers are organising lots of Easter-related activities for the Woodlanders, but before that, we want to wish all of you a happy and special Mother’s Day weekend and we hope the ladies in your families like the presents that the children have secretly been making for them!

Have a look at the highlights of our week below!

Woodlands w/e 17 March 2023
The whole Woodlands Team wishes you and your families a lovely weekend!

Shirley HaymanHead of Woodlands

From the Junior Librarians

 Mr Leopard’s Bookshop by Alexa Brown & Julia Christians

As librarians we cannot think of a better premise for a story than ‘visiting a bookshop’. And what a bookshop! Mr Leopard’s Bookshop is a feast for the imagination. Initially, it appears to be a higgledy-piggledy mess, but Sophie soon realises that it’s much more, this bookshop is magical. Owned and run by Mr Leopard, the backroom is full of his jungle friends all working together to create amazing books. 

Beautifully illustrated in a simple palette, and written in engaging verse, this book has the making of a family favourite.