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This week in Woodlands Nursery

Early Creativity

Opportunities to explore their early creative abilities are a hugely important part of our young children’s nursery experience. We want the children to try all kinds of ways to use materials, to solve problems and to use their bodies. We encourage them to play with words, to make noises and sounds and to make representations of what they see in their minds, using all types of materials.

Sometimes adults might use the word “mess” as a negative term. But ‘mess’ can make for exciting, productive, involving and absorbing play with materials.

Children and indeed adults can experience creating a ‘mess’ as a fulfilling practice and may discover some amazing outcomes too. This can encourage us to continue in the ‘messiness of creativity’ because there are new ideas being born.

Providing mixed media and materials for our Woodlanders to experience and encounter enables them to explore with all their senses, make meaning and use them as languages for expression.

Please enjoy reviewing our creative expressions from the past week.

Woodlands Creativity, November 2021


We would like to challenge each one of you to be a creative family this weekend and make a STAR that we can hang from our classroom ceiling as the backdrop for our show.

  • Any size up to A4
  • Not too heavy please
  • Decorate both sides
  • Encourage your child to explore and be creative with the materials
  • Proudly bring into Nursery by Friday 26th November please

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards

From Your Woodlands Team.