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This week in Woodlands

Dear Woodlands Families

Can you believe we are already in week 3 of the term? Autumn is around the corner. The children are starting to develop new friendships now and as their hesitations fall away, they reveal their passions and interests, through their choices, playing and talk. We teachers are finding it very exciting to get to know the class of 22/23.

This week, our Green Class children are learning more about insects and mini beasts. Wednesday was their making ladybirds day and Thursday’s French lesson was based on the bumblebee. Our Orange Class children are expressing themselves through their favourite colours; they have made a class book all about colour this week and mixed paint with washing up liquid to make different coloured bubbles. On Wednesday they painted with coloured ice cubes. They have been looking at the difference in the array of colours seen in autumn compared to the typical colour palette of summer months.

All our Woodlanders are learning about oats, beans and barley to help them make sense of the Harvest time song; ‘Oats and beans and barley grow’.

That reminds me; You are all cordially invited to our Woodlands Harvest Time Assembly on

Friday 14th Oct, 9.15am-10.15am
Maximum of 3 visitor seats per Woodlander.

Could we please invite you to make a donation this Harvest? Also would you kindly send in any art and craft materials, jigsaws and ‘feely’ books for the toddlers and children who receive palliative care at Keech Hospice, that would be wonderful. You can send in your donations from 3rd October. Kindly hand them to one of the staff team. Thank you so much.

Our assemblies are a special time for you to come into the Nursery and watch your children sing, dance, talk and be part of their class.

As always, please do ask if there is anything you are wondering about or unsure of. We are here for your child, (and their family).

Shirley Hayman
Head of Woodlands.


This afternoon the children experienced their first forest school session of the term. They put on the red suits and wellies, ready for some outdoor fun! Woodlanders were introduced to Mrs Le Bas, our forest school teacher. She explained to them all about the owls placed around the forest which means “don’t go any further.” We separated into groups to explore the forest to see how many owls we could find. The children were also told about the rule when sitting around the fire circle – to walk around the circle to access their seat and not walk across the circle. This is to prepare them for forest school in the future when they are old enough to sit round a real fire.

After this the children had a drink and a biscuit and listened to a story. They then had time to explore the forest – fairy house, log dogs, coloured sticks, mud kitchen, woodland animal toys, logs, taking turns to climb a ladder as well as mark making.

In green class the children have shown a great interest in bugs. This has lead us into exploring real mini beasts in the woods, sewing spider webs across paper plates and making ladybirds. We have looked in depth at each minibeasts features including how many legs they have and do they have wings to fly.

The children listened and followed instructions well. A breath of fresh air. Well done everyone!

See below for some photos from the week:

Woodlands w/c 19 September 2022

From the Junior Librarians

Maya’s Walk  by Moira Butterfield

Maya’s walk is a delightful book highlighting all the amazing and interesting things that can be seen outside our front doors. It illustrates how to have a good walk; Smelling flowers, listening for sounds, jumping over cracks and looking for all the colours of the rainbow.  This inspirational story will have children itching to get out and about.

We are aware of a couple of websites which reward schools with free books after parents have purchased.  We thought we would share details below in case this was of interest to you.