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This week in Woodlands

Sky and tree and hill and all,

I could touch you were I tall;

But I shall not even try,

Great big tree and hill and sky;

I shall stay down here, and see

All the little things like me,

And let all the big things be,

Till I grow up wise and tall,

Sky and tree and hill and all.

A Poem by Annette Wynne.

I am conscious that we only have ten more days of Nursery to enjoy and relish until our N2’s say goodbye to their Nursery Days and our little N1’s have to step up to the plate and become the ‘big’ ones! And yet, as I watch the Woodlanders look up at the tall trees outside our classroom windows, I reflect on just how little they are still. Yes, they can decode 3-letter phonic words, take 3 away from 10, put on their shoes in a flash, wash their hands with soap and dry them properly, serve each other a second portion of grated cheese and use the photocopier by themselves…..but they still ask for a cuddle, spill their water in their laps, put their plimsoles on the wrong feet and have no idea when they have chocolate cake all round their mouths after lunch! All these advanced skills and typical traits are the highlights of working with your children. They are entitled to ‘let all the big things be and stay down here for’ for a while longer yet!

They have enjoyed some transition related experiences this past week. The N2’s spent an exciting morning watching our last year’s N2’s rehearse for the ‘Moving On From Reception Assembly’ and what a joy that was. Our current N1’s had their first French lesson without the big ones there and showed us that they are very much ready to ‘repondre a l’appel’.

We have a few more events to enjoy together before the term draws to a close and I know that our brilliant Reps, Catherine and Lily have kept you informed. So I look forward to seeing you at our Teddy bears picnic on Tuesday 28th,  Speech Day on Saturday 2nd July and our Moving Up assembly for all leavers on Tues 5th at 9.15am.

In the meantime, do let your children play at the bottom of the tree.

Kind regards

Shirley Hayman

Enjoy your weekend!

Shirley Hayman

Head of Woodlands Nursery

From the Junior Librarians