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This week in Woodlands Nursery

The Delivery

We are all working hard in Woodlands to finalise our dances, our acting and our singing, ready to share our 2021 show with you next week. We thought it would be helpful to set the scene for you. Well, actually there are 8 scenes! We like to be ambitious with our Nursery shows!

Imagine…… a large parcel being delivered to Woodlands by our post lady. What might it be?

As the show progresses, we will reveal the contents of the book and each item turns out a clue as to who will be the superhero in our story. The Green and the Orange class Woodlanders, proceed to share their respective knowledge with each other and the story of the birth of Jesus Christ will gradually be revealed in song, words and dance.

We want the children to know that Christmas is not only about Santa and presents and this show has helped them to learn about the deeper meaning of Christmas.

Your children have learnt many lyrics, dance moves and followed stage instructions and in case you have forgotten, they are just 2, 3 and a few are grown-up 4 year olds! We like to remind our audiences about the actors’ ages each year because we think they do a ​magnificent job at such tender ages. Even if your son or daughter chooses not to perform next Tuesday morning at 9.30am, please still praise them and thank them for their efforts and skills.

We have included a few pictures to give you a sneaky peek into next week’s performance.  Keep those stars coming in – thank you so much for your creative efforts. They are wonderful.
And, this is your last weekend to sort your child’s orange or green costume!

See you next Tuesday, (in your face coverings please)

From all the Producers and Actors of ‘The Delivery’.


This week the children learnt all about Christingle and the significance of the Christingle orange.. before having a go at making their own!

Woodlands Nursery Christingle, November 2021