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This week in Woodlands

I am pleased to report that we have enjoyed another busy week at Woodlands.

In just the past five days, your children have been to Forest School, enjoyed PE in the Sports Hall, had their photos professionally taken, and enjoyed storytime with Mrs McIntosh, which she made even more interesting by using her iPad to make the characters come alive. That was a new experience for the Woodlanders.

The children are now in the routine of having a Phonics and Maths lesson each day, and as teacher Catherine describes below, are becoming very skilled at cleaning their lunch plates and bowls themselves. They had their French session on Thursday afternoon where they learnt the word ‘tigre’.

Thank you so much to all the families who sent in videos of the children – and themselves – talking in different European languages on Monday.  Our very proud children shared their videos and we were all fascinated to listen to such an array of languages, including Greek, French, Spanish, German and Latvian!  What an international cohort we have in Woodlands this year!

Green Class thoroughly enjoyed seeking out the School’s orange tractor in the Maintenance Yard this week – they were fascinated by the size of the wheels – massive when you are only 3! – and were excited to be able to get so close!

This Week in Woodlands - w/c 26 Sept 2022

From Catherine

Our younger Nursery 1 and new Nursery 2 children have also done so well to learn the routine of our busy day at Woodlands. They are becoming more and more independent each day. They have learnt where to put their book bag and coats in the mornings and wash their hands before and after snack and lunch. They have also learnt the process of scraping their left over food into the three different bowls at lunch time. They are learning how to sit at carpet times and put their hand up when they want to share their thoughts. A big well done to our new children and also a big thank you to our existing Woodlanders for leading the way as brilliantly as you do.

As the children start to settle down into Woodlands life, we are very excited to envisage and imagine the year ahead with them.

Keep reading this weekly newsletter to enjoy the journey with the Cohort of 22/23.

Have a super weekend.

Shirley Hayman

From the Junior Librarians

When the Sky Glows by Nell Cross Beckerman

Telling the simple story of the illuminated sky with very simple text Nell Cross Beckerman draws in the reader. Each subject; sunrise, sunset, lightning, is combined with a more detailed paragraph to give context and inform without detracting from the beautiful story. David Litchfield (Bear & the Piano, Rain before Rainbows) further enhances the text to create moving and powerful scenes.



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