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This week in Woodlands

Five Days of being Busy Dragons.

What a packed and varied week we have enjoyed in Woodlands over the last five days.

Mr Balfour popped in and helped Green Class to write a letter to the dragon’s mummy! Our bean seedlings grew another 3 cm’s and will soon have to be re potted into even deeper containers. As always, Theo’s amazing Lego models attracted a lot of attention from his friends. Our wonderful selection of paint colours offered lots of opportunities for mixing and adding colour.

We all became immersed in our dragon focus week and explored the ‘world of being a dragon’, in every conceivable way! Our beautiful new book called; ‘Tell Me a Dragon’ provided the stimulus for the whole week. Green Class were very brave and tried spicy dragon food; tacos and salsa, just like in the song they learnt. We made our own dragon eggs from modelling clay, as well as waiting in anticipation for our class dragon eggs to hatch out on Tuesday afternoon. We now have six baby dragons to look after in Woodlands. Orange Class made a vat of dragon soup. Thursday was of course World Book Day and as dressing up is a regular occurrence in Woodlands, the Woodlanders entered enthusiastically into the spirit of wearing costumes for the day. A sorrowful dragon visited Woodlands and the children used all their super powers to cheer her up.

Some weeks, I cannot help but wonder how your children, (and the teachers), pack in so many different and exciting activities in just five days. This was certainly one of those weeks.

Have a lovely weekend!

Shirley Hayman

Head of Woodlands Nursery

This Week in Woodlands 4 March 2022

World Book Day in Woodlands

What a wonderful array of costumes we saw at yesterday’s World Book Day!  Thank you and well done to ALL the parents for such fantastic outfits.  You can see the Whole School WBD Gallery here