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This Week’s News from the Senior Department

War Poetry – Year 7

This week Year 7 were very fortunate to welcome actor Rupert Mason, who through his one man show explored Wilfred Owen’s experience of war through his poetry and the poetry of his contemporaries.   His performance is based on an officer travelling from Allied HQ to the Western Front, one week before the Armistice who discovers the pocketbook of a young lieutenant killed that day.







Inspired, pupils also recently performed their own war poetry, with dramatic results.  Click the images below to watch the performances.

Senior Art

It’s been another busy week in the Art Department.  Year 7 have been experimenting with cubist self-portraits and have produced some amazing pieces of work.









Meanwhile, Top Form have produced some stunning lino prints.


I’m very excited to tell you that all Senior Department pupils are taking part in the “Wild Wisdom Global Challenge”, an amazing competition and learning experience that will help them understand climate change and what they can do to help preserve the planet.

The Challenge is led by the world’s foremost experts in nature and conservation – the WWF and Sir David Attenborough.  Based on the breath-taking content of Sir David’s “Our Planet” series and his film “A Life on Our Planet”, it provides a hugely fun, engaging and different introduction to climate change for students, presented in a way they can understand.

The challenge not only explains climate change, but also sets out the four specific positive actions that Sir David believes can help preserve the planet (and humanity): This challenge will give your child the tools to Discover the truth, see there’s hope and take action.

You can support your son or daughter in the following ways:

  • Ask your child about the challenge.
  • Talk about what action you can take together.
  • And watch the documentaries with them, (if you don’t have Netflix, “A life on our planet” is free on YouTube).

Click the link below for more information.


Please note that pupils will need to sign in using the user name and password that they created in class.   Please check Google Classroom if you have any queries.  Mr Darcy

Book Review from the Library

This week’s recommended read is ‘Fledgling’ by Lucy Hope

Fledgling is Lucy Hope’s debut novel set deep in a Bavarian forest, featuring angels, owls, magic and a boy who isn’t all that he seems to be. This dark gothic adventure draws the reader in from the outset, as Cassie seeks to understand ramifications of the cherub that blows into her bedroom. Based around the quirky house and woods that are home to Cassie, her reclusive mother and eccentric father, Cassie is forced to uncover the secrets of her family’s past. It’s the combination of both magic and peril, with the resilience of friendship that makes this an addictive read.