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This week in Woodlands

We have seen another week pass and lots of new learning has taken place, accompanied by fun, of course. Woodlands is all about enjoyment and fun as children and teachers learn together.

With the mild weather still blessing us, we have been able to engage in autumnal outdoor learning again this week. Since the children have shown us that they have an interest in the different colours of leaves, we all put on our wellies and went for an Autumnal natural resources hunt.

The children found acorns, horse chestnuts, conkers and beautiful coloured red, yellow, brown and orange leaves. We carried our natural resources back to Woodlands, using baskets and the next day, we used our finds in our art creations. When you come to our harvest assembly next week, you will be able to admire them.

Just like Orange Class above, Green Class too, have shown interest in the environmental changes happening around Woodlands. The green leaves are no more and we now see orange, yellow and red ones. Green Class pupils also collected leaves of many shapes and sizes. Green Class took them back to Woodlands and created their own versions of “leaf people.”

We are delighted to report that the ‘wonder of reading’ has really taken hold this week in Nursery. Children have enjoyed recalling the stories of ‘The Bear Hunt’ and ‘The Three Bears’. They have explored new vocabulary, created their own sound effects and added bodily actions to match the words. We have introduced our older children to the concept of reading from left to right by following picture clues.

We have also explored the rhythm of words by clapping, stamping and playing instruments. There are so many different aspects to being an early reader and our Woodlanders are enthusiastically and confidently throwing themselves in to developing these skills.

Woodlands Week Beginning 3 Oct 2022

On Friday morning Mr Balfour surprised the children by arranging for the local farmer to bring his tractor to Beechwood. As you can only imagine there was much excitement among the Woodlanders as each child was able to sit in drivers seat and ask questions to the farmer. You can see by their smiley happy faces that they really enjoyed the visit, as did Mr Balfour.

A Tractor Visits Woodlands Nursery 7 October 2022

Please do not forget that we are looking forward to seeing you all at our Woodlands’ Harvest Assembly next Friday (14 October). Your children are practising their singing, talking and dancing to celebrate Harvest Time with you. We are very grateful for all the gifts already delivered. There is still time to bring in your art and craft materials, books and puzzles which will be donated to Keech Cottage Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Wishing you a lovely weekend,
The Woodlands Nursery Team

From the Junior Librarians

Lifesize Baby Animals by Sophy Henn

Lifesize Baby Animals is very much a hands-on interactive book. Part of the Lifesize series, this book is illustrated to scale meaning that readers can understand how big things are in direct comparison to themselves.  Readers can go eye to eye with a baby blue whale, snuggle up with some red panda cubs and open the fold-out pages to discover a lifesize baby African elephant.



The Bookshow is a charity that inspires school children with a love of reading through an annual programme of in-theatre and digital performances and in-school workshops with the very best authors and illustrators from around the world.  Booking is now open for their autumn programme. Click here to view all of their Autumn Performances