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This week in Woodlands Nursery

We had a surprise visitor this week!

She has black hair, 4 legs, a tail, lives at Beechwood and her name rhymes with ‘Doobie’!
She was Mr Balfour’s dog and her name is Scooby.

The children were delighted to have her visit and once the excitement died down, both Scoobie and the Woodlanders had a super, informative meeting. Mr Balfour taught the children lots of facts about labradors and shared some sweet stories about Scoobie.


Reminders for this week;

Please get in touch with your child’s Key Person if you would like a Zoom Consultation meeting, asap.

Please check that you know which colour your child is wearing for our show.


We are having lots of fun right now and the children are making progress. It’s very rewarding and special to observe their development and see how confident they are in their two classes.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards

From Your Woodlands Team.