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    Boarding is an excellent opportunity for children to develop their personal and social skills beyond the classroom.

    Boarding allows pupils the opportunity to develop their social skills, take on responsibility and improve their personal organisation; by the time they are in Top Form (Year 8), they become young leaders, looking after the young boarders and showing great maturity.

    Boarding is available, subject to availability, from Year 5. It provides opportunities for the children to socialise with people from other year groups and make friends with people who they would not see regularly through the day. Another key benefit is the preparation for senior school. We are able to support even the most nervous boarder helping them to engage with all the benefits of boarding at Beechwood Park, and prepare them for full boarding at a senior school.

    Many pupils come to the Boarding House and progress significantly in these personal/social areas of development, but it is also a fabulous opportunity to just enjoy being with friends. The whole Beechwood Park site offers a wealth of opportunities and activities that are not available during normal school hours, such as playing in the woods, playing games in the swimming pool, running through the school at night playing capture the flag, watching a movie... the activity list is never-ending! The experiences had by boarders in the evenings live on to be their strongest memories of their school days at Beechwood Park.

    We operate a flexi-boarding system, but believe strongly in providing each pupil with their own dedicated space to be responsible for. The flexible system gives families the opportunity to choose how many nights a week their child wishes to board. There is no boarding at weekends. The majority of boarders are in Year 6, 7 and Top Form (Year 8). Not all boarders will go on to a senior boarding school but see it as a great chance to “give it a go” before they leave.

    Boarders enjoy comfortable, pleasantly furnished bedrooms, modern bathrooms, a games room with pool tables, table tennis, air hockey and other amusements, a common room that is well-equipped with sofas, computers, board games and a television. The boys and girls have separate quarters. The girls benefit from their own cosy sitting room but also the games room and common room shared with the boys. The School’s sports facilities, swimming pool, music department and extensive grounds are available for use by boarders during the evenings. As with all school meals, the boarders’ menu is nutritious and varied and is cooked by Beechwood Park’s own catering staff in the School’s kitchens starting with a full breakfast every morning and finishing with sandwiches and milkshakes before bed. The Boarding House is run by "Houseparents", a married couple who manage a team of resident staff, Boarding House tutors, matrons and housekeepers who all care for the boarders while they are staying at school ensuring that they have the best time and have the best care.

    Please click here for our statement of boarding principles and practice