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Welcome to our School

Dear Future Beechwood Parkian,
I cannot wait to welcome you to our School – and hardly know where to start in telling you about Beechwood Park School.  Every day is exciting, every day is full of adventure, opportunity and friendship.  Every day I discover something new and learn how to be a better version of the person I was today.  If I could bottle the essence of Beechwood Park and give it to you to try, I would, but then that’s what memories are and some of my best memories have been, and are still being made at Beechwood Park!
Visiting the Isle of Wight, meeting famous authors, playing sport, learning the clarinet, reading for charity, having fun in the Boarding House and being part of the School production – there is so much to tell you.  It is virtually impossible to pinpoint what makes Beechwood Park special – maybe it is simply being part of a big, caring family, or perhaps it is the opportunities that I have every day, or knowing that when I DO have to move on to senior school, that my teachers will have made sure that I am completely ready?  I think it is all of this, and more.
If you are considering joining Beechwood Park School, then you are making a brilliant choice – but you need to come and see for yourself how YOU will fit in and be part of this amazing place!  We can’t wait to meet you and show you OUR school!
See you soon!
Beechwood Park Senior Pupils
This seriously academic school has idyllic grounds, bags of opportunities, and a unique child-centred approach which puts kids in charge of their own learning journey.
Muddy Stilettos 2020
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We love the personal attention and tailored learning each child receives. The school offers a great timetable, varied activities and learning, exciting and innovative approaches to engage children, great communication with parents and lots of regular feedback.
Current Parent
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