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Boarding at Beechwood

Beechwood is not a full boarding school, but instead offers flexible boarding up to four nights a week. By the time our Top Formers leave us, most will have had some boarding experience. We usually have around 60 boarders with us on any given night during the term, from Year 5 to Top Form.

The boarding house is a “home from home” and most of our boarders live nearby but choose to board for the transformative experience it offers them as they mature.

All staff involved, help to create this homely environment, by leading and participating in after school life, including but not restricted to helping pupils with prep, supervising their music practice and sitting with them during reading time before bed.

Boarding at Beechwood is a wonderful place to be, just ask any of our boarders!

Iain Griffiths

Acting Head of Boarding

Boarding at Beechwood is so much fun - Mr and Mrs Humphreys make it feel just like home, and we have so much fun in the evenings with games and activities. You'd be mad not to try it!
Year 7 Boarder
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Boarding pupils are keen and confident trying activities that are out of the ordinary or challenge the norms, as staff ensure that the boarding activities are extremely wide in their scope and inventiveness and do not miss opportunities that the site and surroundings can offer.
ISI 2019
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