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Wellyboot Camp 2022 

It took three long years, but we finally got to camp once more! The Year 3s were so excited and we were very conscious of the impact of the confinement of recent years. The children were amazing and really grew in independence and resilience. They should feel very proud of themselves!  

Here are some of the comments from our happy campers:  

At Wellyboot Camp, the 19th and 20th May I did lots of different activities like archery and the survival game and I actually did really well. The next morning, I ate a mealworm. Hugo.  

I loved putting up the tents. We had to put the silver pegs in the little holes and we finally got them done but they fell out, sadly, so we put them in again and luckily, they didn’t come out again. Isabella.  

I loved the Escape Rooms because they were very hard to work out. The survival game was fun because the teachers were squirting us with water pistols and I got splatted in the face! But my favourite thing was setting up the tents because it was fun putting up the tent pegs. Joe. 

The talent show was lots of fun because most of the talents made me laugh. Roasting brioches was fun and delicious. Eating S’mores was one of my favourite things. Stella. 

I liked the Roman Escape Room because we had to solve clues to earn money to escape, so you didn’t have to clean the toilets for the rest of your life! Miles. 

We did a lot of archery, but to be honest, I was TERRIBLE because my highest score was an eight or seven. Apart from that I was quite good! At the end we had the Bush Tucker Trial challenge to eat a mealworm or a cricket or a leafcutter ant. I had a mealworm. Olivia 

I enjoyed lighting the fires with cotton wool. It was really fun and I liked learning about the 3 things you need for fire. It was really fun making the sparks but quite hard to light it. Madeleine.  

My favourite bit was putting up the tents and finding out who I was with. The funniest bit was when my sausage went all weird and deranged and I called it a deranged sausage! Penelope.  

My favourite thing was the dodgeball archery, because you had to dodge, shoot and reload all at the same time. It was really fun, and a bit frustrating in a good way, though! Amelia.