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Middle Department News 12 May 2023

Year 3

Another short and full-to-the-gills week in Year 3.

We were extremely lucky last Friday to have had a break in the weather which enabled us to enjoy the short-lived but very welcome sunshine during the Coronation celebrations picnic. It was a lovely end to a busy but heart-warming day. We do hope you enjoyed the long weekend, despite the rain. 

We also wanted to share the following video from our Year 3 and 4 Verse Speaking and Singing from last Friday. You can watch it here

Performances: 3D – The Koala who Could 3O – The Gecko and the Echo 3P – The Lion Inside All – Eye of the Tiger and The Magic Travel Machine 4B – Insect Day 4P – Make Friends with a Tree 4R – An Alphabet for the Planet

As part of our in-class Coronation celebrations, 3D completed a diary entry. We spoke in depth about the events of the Coronation celebration, in particular thinking about how the King would be feeling during this time. Some of us followed writing structures and some of us did our own thing, but we all considered the thoughts and emotions of our new King and related this to the event information we had learnt about. Can you spot some humorous elements? Can you pick out the different key moments from the ceremony? 

3D, you all really impressed Mrs Doyle with your first attempt at diary writing, well done to you all!

Last week saw patches of sunshine, in which the Origami Club took the opportunity of getting outside and enjoying the beautiful Back Lawn by making paper bird kites and flying them. Simple pleasures!

Take a look at our photos below.

Year 3 Origami Club

Earlier this week, our main focus was on WellyBoot preparedness.  We will have a special edition next week devoted to our experiences. We are sure there will be some sleepy-heads tonight….

We will also have an assembly celebrating Wellyboot Camp on Tuesday 23rd May at 8.30 – 9.00,. Mrs Porter’s class will be leading the assembly, but all Year 3 parents are very welcome to attend. The Year 2s will be coming along as well to see what fun they have in store next year! 

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 3 Team 

Year 4

Coronation Crafts

Before the Coronation weekend, Year 4 took part in lots of different coronation crafts to celebrate the special day. They made crowns, collages, windmills, decorations and even paper plate Jack Russells!   We also enjoyed a delicious Coronation themed lunch! Thank you Emily and the Catering Team! 

Have a look at our coronation celebrations below:

Year 4 Coronation Celebrations

Plasticine Planets

As part of our space topic in Science, Year 4 made their own models of our solar system, using plasticine. Their mission was to show the order of the planets from the sun, the relative sizes of the planets and roughly the colours of each planet.

Plasticine Planets

What’s in the box?

On the first day of the Summer Term, a mysterious, locked treasure chest appeared in all of the Year 4 classrooms. Everyone has been desperate to open it and find out what is inside and the day finally came on Tuesday.

Year 4 are writing stories in English and they found out that whatever was inside the chest would be where they would be transported to in the story. Inside was: a brown dress, a white headdress, a jewelled belt and necklace, three scrolls including pictures of an old village, some delicious gems. Can you guess where it took us?

Answer: The Viking Era!

What is in the box

Finally we wanted to share the following video from our Year 3 and 4 Verse Speaking and Singing from last Friday. You can watch it here

Performances: 3D – The Koala who Could 3O – The Gecko and the Echo 3P – The Lion Inside All – Eye of the Tiger and The Magic Travel Machine 4B – Insect Day 4P – Make Friends with a Tree 4R – An Alphabet for the Planet

Year 4 Cricket

How lucky were we on Thursday afternoon to fit in a glorious afternoon of cricket in the sunshine before the rain came!  Some brilliant play across the board, and lots of skills learnt!  Enjoy the photos below:

Year 4 Cricket 11 May 2023
Have a great weekend!

The Year 4 Team

Year 5

After getting our heads around starting the week on a Tuesday but it really being a Monday, luckily the rest of the week has been relatively quite normal! 

Year 5 Exams

 At the beginning of the week, we posted some information regarding the upcoming Year 5 exams which will take place the week before half term. Below is an outline of the timetable for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. The exams will take place between 9:00am and 1:00pm and outside of exams, normal lessons will take place.

Monday 22 May Tuesday 23 May Wednesday 24 May
English – Online Comprehension Maths English Writing
Future Skills Science -
French Mental Maths -
- English - Online Spelling -

Subject teachers will provide guidance over revision and subject content for each exam. Some exams are online and others are written papers. Subject teachers will make this very clear for all pupils.   

We will allow 25% extra time in all exams for those pupils on the Learning Support Department’s Extra Time Register. 

The REALLY important thing is for pupils to learn how to take tests: learn how to watch out for skipping questions, learn how to recognise questions allocated more marks than others, learn how to work within a given time frame, learn how to remain calm and focused.  

There is no need to do hours and hours of revision: these exams are only one part of the information used by staff to think about setting for Year 6 subjects.  

Pupils have taken end of topic tests regularly in most subject areas and have shown their progress and understanding through academic lessons throughout the year.  

Norfolk Lakes Trip

Many thanks to those of you who have already completed the online consent form for the Norfolk Lakes residential trip. We are still waiting on a couple of forms, so please can I really kindly request that they are filled in as soon as possible. Until all consent forms are completed, we are unable to proceed with all the necessary risk assessments and required paperwork that Norfolk Lakes need.  

You can access the form by logging into the Beechwood Parent Portal, and navigating to Electronic Forms under the INTERACTIVE tab in the top menu bar. 


Key Dates for the Trip

  • Week beginning 22nd May – if you would like your child to have pocket money on the trip please could we ask you bring this into school in a sealed envelope, named and with the amount enclosed; 
  • Week beginning 5th June – please send in any medication your child might need along with the ‘Administration of Medicine’ form is not already sent in. A copy of this form can be found in your child’s Google Classroom; 
  • Monday 12th June – we will be leaving School between 10:30 and 11:00am; 
  • Friday 16th June – we are aiming to be back at School between 5:00pm and 5:30pm 

If you have any questions, please do feel free to email Mr Kneller at

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 5 Team

House Art Competition 2023

Thank you to the very many pupils who entered this year’s House Art competition.  The theme was “The Environment” and there were some fabulous entries from pupils in the Middle Department – well done to you all!  Here are just a few highlights…

Middle Department iArt Entries 2023

From the Middle Department Library

The Thames and Tide Club by Katya Balen

Award winning Katya Balen’s latest release is her first aimed at a slightly younger audience, making it perfect for Middle Department pupils. 

The story follows Clem, Ash and Zara (the Thames and Tide Club) as they go on their weekly mud-larking trips to the Thames. Their trips have uncovered a variety of items however their latest find is a little bit special. It belongs to the river and must be returned at all costs. All of a sudden, the friends find themselves exploring underwater London, on a wild and weird adventure. 

Filled with intrigue and imagination, Balen’s story is brought to life with illustrations by Rachael Dean – including a full map of underwater London detailing Guppington Palace, Eeling and St Paul’s Clamthedral.