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Middle Department News

This week in Year 3

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Year 3! The Christmas trees are appearing in the classrooms, the decorations are appearing in the corridors and Christmas music is played from speakers and sung by the children.

Secret Santa

The Year 3 class trees are filling up with Secret Santa decorations. Each child and adult is given the name of someone in their class and they must create a bauble, on to which they put an uplifting thought about them ‘they are kind, always thinks of other people, helps me, includes other in their games’ – the word ‘kind’ crops up a lot. We then spend the rest of the term trying to guess who the comment describes.

Festive Forest School

The weather outside was, thankfully, not as frightful as the forecast led us to believe; although it was wet underfoot, the morning was dry and not too cold. The children wore their Festive hats and listened to Christmas music in the woods, as they ate their S’mores and drank hot chocolate. Lots of outdoor play and laughter.

Year 3 Festive Forest School Dec 2021

Middle Department Christmas Tree

The tree is slowly filling up with baubles and even got a dusting of snow on Wednesday, which made it really Christmassy! There is still plenty of space to fill! We would like to invite any child in the Middle Department to help us dress the tree. Please do ensure that the baubles are suitable to remain outside. Following our wonderful Christingle Service, we are gathering donations for the charity The Children’s Society. We have set a minimum donation of £2 and would like to extend an enormous thank you to those who have already brought in a bauble and made a donation.  Please do continue to bring in your baubles and click here to make your donation and to see how much money we have raised so far!

Christmas Cracker

Following the successes of Christingle, we have turned our attention to our next performance, the Christmas cracker. The children have been practising their singing, dancing and acting and sometimes the songs spontaneously spill out of them and a few lines of ‘Santa’s Christmas Circus Extravaganza!’ can be heard in the corridors or classrooms.

Please do check the list of requirements for each class below, carefully. There has been one addition to the original list: pupils should also bring a t-shirt to wear under their Christmas jumper (as the school shirt collars won’t look ideal!) Many thanks.



The children are busy rehearsing and can’t wait for the performance. As a reminder, please could you supply the costumes as listed below for your child.  Could we please have the costumes in School on Monday 6th December, in a named bag.  Many thanks. 

As we continue preparations for our forthcoming Christmas Cracker performances. With rehearsals going well, Mrs Hegarty has now turned her attention to costumes. Much of what will be needed will be provided for by the school but in addition to this, please could we ask that your child also has the following for the performances:

3O – Christmas jumper + any colour joggers / leggings + Santa hat & / beard (Mrs Jarvis has lots of beards!!)

3M – Christmas jumper + any colour joggers / leggings

3I – Christmas jumper + any colour joggers / leggings + reindeer antlers / festive hat / festive headwear

  • Pupils should also bring a t-shirt to wear under their Christmas jumper (school shirt collars won’t look ideal!)
  • For footwear, could all Y3 & Y4 children please wear brightly coloured/Christmas socks and their indoor trainers that they would use in PE.

If you have any questions about costumes, please feel free to email Mrs Hegarty at

This week in Year 4

With the arrival of the Christmas tree in the Great Hall and the ‘Christmas Cracker’ rehearsals, there is definitely a ‘Christmassy’ feel in the air.        

As we enter the final weeks of this first term, the children are still continuing to work as hard as ever in the classroom.  

In History, the children have been using their detective skills over the last few lessons, as they unravel the mystery of Sutton Hoo. By looking at the artefacts that were found at the burial sites, the children were first tasked with the challenge of trying to find out who they had been buried with before moving on to working out what some of these objects may have been used for.

In Games, the girls began their netball training in preparation for next term’s netball season, whilst boys have begun their rugby training. Just a reminder that for rugby, boys will need a mouthguard. 

Year 4 Forest School

Year 4 Forest School, December 2021

A Few Reminders for Year 4: 

“Last Call!”- Our ‘Christmas Cracker’ performances are now just under a week away. Next Tuesday, we will be running a dress rehearsal before the show goes ‘live’ next Thursday and Friday. We would like all the children to have their costumes in school no later than Tuesday. 

Costumes for Christmas Cracker Performance : 

4L – Christmas jumpers + brightly coloured joggers / leggings. 

4K – Comedy Snowmen – light grey joggers + white t-shirts. 

         Jugglers – Christmas jumpers + brightly coloured joggers / legging. 

4B –  Joseph & Neddy – Christmas jumpers + brightly coloured joggers / leggings.  

         Crew of Stable Animals – Animal onesies (please ask your child what animal they have selected as they may not need a onesie or will have a costume provided for by the school) + plain joggers/top. 

  • For footwear, could all children wear brightly coloured/Christmas socks and their indoor trainers that they would use in PE. 
  • Please could your child also have a t-shirt to wear under their Christmas jumper. 
  • If you have any questions about costumes, please feel free to email Mrs Hegarty at 


This week in Year 5

Year 5 scientists have enjoyed exploring the force of upthrust this week in the science labs. Having compared the weight of objects in air and in water, they took on the challenge of creating a plasticine raft that would both float successfully and support at least one marble without sinking! There were some interesting and novel design features but they certainly had lots of fun trying to come up with the winning design. A few pupils managed to support over 10 marbles, combining clever scientific thinking with great determination! Equally fun and challenging was to think of streamlined shapes which minimise water resistance and create the fastest-moving shape possible in the race to the bottom of the large cylinders. Well done to all Year 5 pupils on a fantastic term of scientific problem-solving and exploring. Look out for the kitchen science challenges on your science Google Classrooms for the holidays!

Drama – Scenes from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

A couple of fantastic The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe set designs by Lochan K, James F, Alex A-D and Zach H.  The first two scenes depict the moment when Lucy meets Mr Tumnus and the second two, the point at which Aslan is sacrificed at the Stone table.







Art – Van Gogh Sections










Dear Parents,

As in previous years, the pupils in Year 5 are eager to help make Christmas special for others in our local area and further afield. You will have seen the notices about our Christmas Giving charitable initiative. As Form Teachers, we have been deeply moved to see the children bring in gifts which they had chosen for another child of a similar age. They have been very imaginative in their ideas: we have seen yoyos, games of Dobble, colouring books, stationery sets, Lego and footballs to name just a few! The only thing to avoid is anything war-related such as nerf guns, anything edible or battery-operated.  If your son or daughter would like to get involved, then we would be delighted to collect the gifts at school, unwrapped please, by 15th December at the latest. We received the most wonderful feedback last year about the positive impact that our gifts had on so many families’ Christmas celebrations.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

The Year 5 Pastoral Team

Please note that if your Middle Department child is part of Big Band, that they will be required to stay for their performance at the start of the Senior Department Concert.

Head’s Commendations

Well done to this week’s recipients of Head’s Commendations:

NURTURE:  Year 5 – Alex H, Lochen K
ENGAGE:  Year 4 – Sam B, Charlotte D, Florence G, Daniel H
INSPIRE:  Year 3 – Aiden E, Benji H, Clara L.  Year 5 – Uju O, Jane C, Jasmin E, Alex R, Ella-Rose A-K, Georgina H, Kaede L, Chloe L, Olivia P-J, Florence C. Ellie H, Oliver K (x2), Leo R

Christmas Holiday Reading Recommendations

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?  Look no further! Our wonderful Librarians have done the leg work and put together a comprehensive list of recommended reads for the Christmas holidays, and beyond.