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Senior Department Notices

Berkhamsted Entrance Exams

A gentle reminder to all Year 6 pupils sitting the 11+ entrance exam for Berkhamsted, you need to register by Monday 26th September with the school and also on the ISEB guardian portal.

They will sit the assessment at Beechwood on Monday 10 October. Please refer to the email from Mrs Clarke which provided instructions on how to register and of course feel free to contact us, should you need any further support.

House Competition Time

This year, we are making the Word of the Week a House competition and would like the children to help choose the words of the week for the year.

Pupils can suggest a word –  it can be a noun, verb, adjective or any other word class but we would like them to try to make it as unique and interesting as possible! The best submissions will be chosen to be Beechwood’s Word of the Week throughout the year – winning words will gain House Points!  Please use this form to submit your words.

Good luck.

From the English Department

Extra Online Support Available For You

If you are keen for your child to get some extra online support with English, Maths and reasoning skills,  I would recommend that you subscribe to ATOM Nucleus. You can read more about it at

Parents can opt to trial Atom Nucleus, the at-home platform, with their children in the same way that they might buy a revision guide. If you decide to try ATOM for free, enter BEECHWOODPARK20 when you sign up and you’ll receive 20% off your first payment. 

Depending on the monthly subscription you sign up to, Atom Nucleus will allow your child to access:

  • Personalised learning journeys across English, maths, science, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning. The learning journeys include tens of thousands of individually designed questions, as well as videos, helpsheets and explanations to accompany every question.
  • Unlimited mock tests: use Atom’s mocks to support familiarisation. Atom’s tests are designed to mirror key senior school entry assessments including the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, CEM and GL 11+ exams.
  • Custom practices: use Atom’s data to identify areas for improvement and set custom practices in those areas.
  • Live and on-demand lessons: lessons are hosted by experienced teachers in tricky topics across many exam types. 

If you have any questions on how to get the most out of Atom Nucleus, email and ask to be invited to one of their regular Parent Webinars. 

Best wishes

Kerry Clarke

Director of Senior School Admissions

From the Senior Library

Beyond the Frozen Horizon by Nicola Penfold

Set in an almost hopeful 2030 where humanity has taken great leaps to avoid climate disaster, passing Universal Climate laws and creating Wilderness Zones to save wildlife and absorb carbon, but one where the recovery is still all too fragile.

Rory’s mum is a geologist on one of these projects, and Rory is beyond excited to join her on a work trip to the Arctic. But the project isn’t all that it seems, and Rory soon learns what’s at stake for the people and animals that live there.

This enthralling, atmospheric story is packed with memorable characters and interesting, relatable family dynamics. The strong environmental themes combine with genuine peril and nail biting tension to create a thought-provoking read.

We are aware of a couple of websites which reward schools with free books after parents have purchased.  We thought we would share details below in case this was of interest to you.