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Some fabulous cubist self-portraits by Sevi P and Henry G, Year 7


P4S (Prep4Sport) Challenge Cup

The School 1st team had a once in a lifetime experience when they had the opportunity to take part in the P4S Challenge Cup at the home of England football, St Georges Park over the weekend. As part of this experience, the pupils got to stay in the same hotel that England stay in and also had the chance to train and play on the same pitches used by the likes of Harry Kane, Phil Foden and Marcus Rashford. The school 1st team, represented Beechwood fantastically all weekend, both on and off the field and were a real credit to the School. After two tough days of football, the team finished 5th overall out of 14 teams. They won the 5th/6th playoff final to add another trophy to the school cabinet and top off a very successful season, having won the Orley Farm trophy earlier in the season. Well to everyone involved. Mr Griffiths (Head of Football)
P4S Football Challenge Cup, November 2021


House Matches:

Year 5 & 6 Hockey

Year 5 and 6 House Hockey November 2021

Year 7 & Top Form Hockey & Football
Year 7 and Top Form House Hockey and Football Nov 2021


Music Technology Lessons

We are delighted to let you know about a new and exciting venture in the Music Department, which we believe is a 1st for prep schools in this country!
From next term, Mr Gambrell will be offering individual Music Technology lessons to all Senior Department pupils.
These lessons, which will be timetabled during the school day in the same way as the individual instrumental lessons, will follow the music production exam syllabus and there will be the possibility of taking exams in the future if your child would like to.  Do please discuss this opportunity with your son or daughter and let us know by Monday 6 December.
These lessons will be billed in the same way as our individual instrumental lessons, currently £280 for a term of 10 lessons.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Peck, Mrs Lodge or Mr Gambrell if you have any questions.

Boarding Notices

Colditz Championship

This championship will run on Tuesday 7 and Thursday 9 December.

Boarders’ Feast

The much-anticipated Boarders’ Feast will take place on Wednesday 15 December. This will also be our final night where we pack up the Boarding House for the Christmas holidays. Please can all boarders board on this night.

Boarding Availability

Unfortunately, boarding is not currently available for Year 5, and whilst the boys’ boarding house is currently full, there is one space for a Year 7 or 7 girl.

If you would like to register for a place this year or in the next academic year, please use this form.

Boarding Hoodie

If you would like to buy a boarding hoodie, please go to:

Mr and Mrs Humphreys

Head’s Commendations

Inspire – Year 6 Isabel R; Year 7 Felix M, Aiden B; Top Jamie D x 5, Ben M, Matthew P, Elliot H

Book Review from the Library

This week’s recommended read is ‘Shadow Town’ by Richard Lambert

Toby leads a quiet and unhappy life in London, with his climate-activist mother and his distant and frustrated father, whom he idolises. Overlooked as his parent’s divorce, Toby’s only friends are the family lodger Mrs Papadopoulos and her cat Alfred.

When a mysterious shadow appears in his garden, and then in his dreams, Toby is drawn into an alternative land Balthasar and immediately thrown into danger as he finds himself trapped in a raging forest fire, searching for Alfred who he has followed through the tunnel-portal.

Balthasar is a dangerous land enslaved by the cruel Regent, where the Dreamers have the magical power to turn dreams into reality, Toby meets Tamurlaine, a strange girl who has lost her memory. To uncover the mystery of her identity and get Toby back home, the pair must go on a thrilling journey to the heart of the kingdom, the castle of the Regent.

Alongside exploring themes of self-determination and forging your own path, Shadow Town’s fantasy world is an allegory of Toby’s life in the real world, and also a kind of political allegory.