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News from the Senior Department

From the Art Department

A selection of Christmassy designs… and a caterpillar! Made with air drying clay by our very talented Top Form students.

Thumbs up all round for Flo C’s brilliant oil pastel jungle picture! 

Update from TPR

The TPR topic this term, for the Senior School is Theology. Year 6 have studied six stories of Jesus in detail. They have examined the differences between stories and parables and were amazed at how the least likely people ended up trusting in Jesus. Several pieces of excellent work were displayed, of diary entries by characters in the stores and a Headmaster’s Commendation was awarded to Charlotte F for her stop motion Lego movie of Zacchaeus!

Year 7 have begun their analysis of Old Testament stories and have begun their essay writing journey. They have discussed the dilemma of punishment versus forgiveness and made some startling observations of how these are still issues today in the 21st Century. They have ended the term looking at the very thorny problem of the awesome responsibility our leaders and modern day ‘celebrities’ have in setting a good role model for others.

Year 8 have been analyzing the world changing work of Dr. Martin Luther King and stories from the Old testament, applying what they have learnt in response to some very challenging Common Entrance essays. They wrapped up the year with their own interpretation of the story of the Prodigal Son with literally a couple of ‘raps’ from some of the year 8s!

Meeting the King

The children had an amazing time yesterday and were the lucky ones who got to shake hands with him and spoke to him too! It was a wonderful experience which they will never forget… they also made the news!

The morning started with meeting the Kings Guard, then having light breakfast with the Chief fire officer (Mr Andrew Hopkinson). We then went to our zones, silver and gold, silver was downstairs to meet with his majesty and gold was upstairs but we could also go to all zones.

We were in the gurdwara itself where our holy book is (Guru Granth Sahib) all sat down listening to the prays being read, his majesty entered the room and said a pray by the holy book and was welcomed with a Saroopa, this is given in the temple to people, it is a special honor, recognizing the services and contributions made by the person being blessed. He sat with the congregation and said a pray before leaving to do the grand opening of the Plaque and then spoke to people before he left.

The congregation was all gathered to try and catch a glimpse before His Majesty left, as the children’s grandad was involved in the development and building of the new temple he was with a select few VIP’s that were able to go under the barrier to get closer to the King to bid him farewell. The children were able to stand next to him and so were lucky enough to get to shake his hand! Jasmine caught the whole thing on camera! About the only time I actually did not tell her off for having her phone with her!

The children were also lucky enough to meet The Chief Constable Trevor Rodenhurst hand Helen Lord lieutenant of Bedfordshire, Helen has since retired and this was her last project getting the King to come to our temple.

It was truly a spectacular day. There are two other videos of the King getting his Siropa but they are too large to attach! I will find a way if you are interested in seeing this too.

The Sahota Family Met the King

Kind regards

Kulie Sahota

From the Senior Library

Any books borrowed this week or actively being read can be retained for the Christmas holidays.  Please could Pupils check their bags and bookshelves at home, so that any other Beechwood books are returned before Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Beechwood Librarians. We are pleased to include the Beechwood Holiday Reading List for the Middle & Senior Departments, highlighting some of the most recent book releases available for Christmas presents and holiday reading. The selection covers a wide range of reading levels and interests – we hope there is a book for everyone to curl up and enjoy this festive season.





The Library Team



Congratulations to this week’s recipients of Mr Balfour’s Commendations:

Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 6 - Zac H, James F, James L, Neil R, Archie L Lochan K
Year 7 - Isaac C, Nicole L, Chloe I Jamie WS, Benedict B
Top Form - Henry G, Anna W, Charlotte R Will J, Will F