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This week in Woodlands

Respecting your children’s voices

Using the £’s we raised from your guesses from the NAMES of the Chocolate eggs in our Easter Egg Raffle before the Easter holidays, we plan to purchase some new items for Green and Orange Classes.

However, we wanted the children in both these classes to have a say in what the money buys. Each class has £42.35 to spend. We talked to Green Class on Monday about their options – What might they like? What can they afford? What is a sensible choice so that all the children can benefit from the purchases?

Then they voted for their preferred purchase by placing a counter on the picture of their favourite 2 items. We counted up their votes and the winning options for Green class were –

  • A black fluffy toy cat
  • A gigantic blow up unicorn
  • Some toy plastic dinosaurs
  • A chocolate bar making kit

We have dutifully ordered their choices from Amazon and will let them open their parcels when they arrive. We hope that this experience will help the children to feel heard, to learn that they may not always get their first choice, to take turns and to start to understand a budget

Have a look at our photos below:

Woodlands Week 6 May 2022

On Tuesday Mr Balfour took an assembly in Woodlands. All the children really enjoyed the book ‘Supertato’ a fantastic book about a superhero with eyes everywhere—always on the lookout for danger. When the veggie aisle is thrown into turmoil by an evil pea, Supertato heroically springs into action! But this very, very evil pea won’t go back to the frozen section without a fight.  Supertato really met his match. There were lots of conversations around healthy eating, what super powers children would like to have and what distinguishes a superhero.

On Friday, we made the most of the sunshine and everyone brought their bike or scooter to School – all the staff were incredibly impressed with the cycling and scooting skills on display, with some of our older pupils being very adept at riding both on the smooth surface of the Astro and the more “off road” conditions on the grass between there and Woodlands!  Have a look at these lovely photos below to see your children in action!

Woodlands Bring your Bike to School 6 May 2022
Also, congratulations to all our new children who are starting to find their way around the Nursery and are making new relationships with teachers and other children. We are so proud of you…. Eva, Arthur, Edward, William, Jasper, Nefeli and Margot.


Events in Woodlands this term for parents to note

  • Monday 9 May – Puppet Show for all N2 pupils and any MONDAY N1 pupils at 9.30am
  • Back to Nursery – Grandparents Afternoons in Nursery, from Monday 16th May to Thurs 19th May,  2pm – 3.30pm. Booking a place email to follow. Please give your Grandparents a heads up.
  • Thurs 26th May – Queen’s Jubilee Focus Day. Thursday pupils come to Nursery dressed as a King, Queen, Princess or Prince for lots of fun and creativity Jubilee mayhem!
  • Tuesday 14th June – Woodlands Sports Morning for all pupils and their families – exact timings and arrangements to follow.

Enjoy your weekend!

Shirley Hayman

Head of Woodlands Nursery

From the Junior Librarians

A Bear’s Guide to Bee-keeping by Pip Cornell

A Bear’s Guide to Beekeeping is a hilarious spoof manual detailing how to keep bees!!

It follows Bear as he tries his best to master the required skills, however it’s just not that easy for him to follow the simple instructions – much to pigeon’s frustration.