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Tooled Up

Tooled Up is here to support children in coping with a wide range of challenges and situations. When pressures and pinch points in the year seem to pile up, what are the strategies that help us to keep perspective, stay resilient and get through?

In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Dr Kathy Weston considers the vital role that sleep plays in our physical and emotional wellbeing and our ability to cope. For more information, this expert webinar offers Q&As on the practicalities of children’s sleep, and we have a range of tips for helping teens get into good sleeping habits.

Different children might find that different coping strategies work for them. Our popular Coping Menu offers children a range of ideas for managing strong emotions. We have an activity for grown-ups on managing our own “wobbles”, and our Quick Guide to Anxiety contains practical advice on how to recognise anxiety in yourself or your children, and links to Tooled Up’s wealth of anxiety-related resources.

If you have school-age children you’ll know that exam season is just a couple of months away! Not surprisingly, exams can be a source of anxiety and put real demands on our coping strategies. For UK students, GCSE and A-Level exams begin in May. The Smart Reviser resource contains plenty of tips and techniques for making information stick. Parents of younger children can watch this short video on supporting exam performance, or our 30 Tips for parents on supporting exam preparation. For students preparing for school entrance exams, our Quick Guide contains a wealth of advice, information and links.

If you don’t already have one, make a calendar of all exam dates and stick it up in a visible place at home. Our 2024 Exam Planner is a perfect template. If you feel anxious, try Dr Kathy Weston’s short video on managing parental anxiety around exams.

And remember, you can always hit the support button on our website when you need help with coping.